New Business

Once you conceive a business idea, Tibatsirane helps you to incubate these idea or ideas and develop them to make sure they are implemented. It remains vivid that  maany ideas come in the minds of many people but because they are not incubated and developed, they all die. We would like to make sure that your idea recieved attentions and opportunity to grow. If you have already started the business, consider us your partners as we strive to make your business grow.

Business Plan development 

Your Business can only make sense if your thinking is translated on paper professionally so that the vision and mission of the idea is clear and easily shared by those who have money to fund it. These documents are also important when you are getting a loan from any other bank or micro-finance company.

Business Registration

The business has to be registered to be in line with the law and to enjoy public trust and financing through loans. It has to comply with government regulations   which is important for its growth. Tibatsirane will help register your bussiness both local and international. It also registers NGO who are both local and international

Corporate Identity and Branding 

We also assist in identifying unique features of your business to stand out of other businesses. We brand your organisation through  online presence by developing a tailor made website, facebook and twitter advertising to make your business sale. We also design fliers, bronchures and other materials to make your business sell

Business Strategy development 

Tibatsiraane strives to support you with the development of your business model in order to assess the feasibility and viability of your business idea. We are able to conduct feasibility studies to enable the commercialisation of your business concept. In whatever sector your business is we will do a comprehensive markket research to ascertain viability of your business

Helping SME and NGOs  in Africa and beyond

Our current presence is in three countries where we do our work. We are in Sierra Leone where we work  with SMEs and NGOs to develop their websites and help them realize growth. We have worked with organisations like Peoples Development organisation (PDO) and many other organisations. In the DRC we have worked with Centre’ d’Action Environnementale au Congo (CAEC) and in Malawi which is our head quarters 

our African presence is not restricted to these countries, we can work with any other country or organisation across the world on issues of web development, customer surveys and many other services we do while you relax and wait for more sales

Wake up and do Business 

According to Africa Cenre for economic TransformatioN ACET, 50% of the youth who graduate from college do not get a job.This statistics also vary according to countries with other recording higher than these statistics. 

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How You Can Get Involved

Whatsapp or Call +265 884 185 928 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Request a Service

Since we are a profit organisation, our services are charged. Just send us a message and we will be there to assist. French customers please call or Whatsapp +243998079417 while English customers call or Whatsapp +265884185928

Sponsor Program

There are other SME who are not able to manage to pay for their services and we request that you sponsor them. These are small business owners who have the idea but they dont have the finances to incubate them. Your heelp will help them get on their feet and succeed in Business and be help to others.

Volunteer with Us

Are you a school graduate and would like to exercise your potential in helping small businesses grow in large companies employing many people. Tibatsirane would appreciate your help. Whatever your background is, your skills are needed at Tibatsirane

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Get in touch with us to support this program.  Support the small businesses who just have an idea that could change Africa but they dont have the capacity to develop it. Your support would help make them great business which can alleviate poverty in Africa