You need a website regardlless of what you business is?

Convincing your customers and making a sale is very important for your business. Getting in touch with your customers is very important for customer retention and getting new customers who might not know you personnally is important make more sales.

A website provides that platform where we work together to make sure that your organisation has all the three things to make your business grow. 

We provide the following services to your organisation;

People especially your customers should remember your  organisation and the website should speak to them and sell on your behalf. The good side of a website is that it can sell even in odd hours when you are resting. Try it,  it works 

Needs Assessment

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The needs assessment helps the organisation to reflect on how best they should use the website or other online plaforms. This helps us to develop the website based on their needs.

Online Platforms Development

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By online platforms, we mean the website, the facebook and/or twitter accounts and other social media platforms. These will be interlinked to make sure that a customer has full confidence to make business with your organisation

Training and post service assistance

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After developing the website, we train your organisation on how to use it. Your staff get the best of the website and you have value for money because they can easily use it. You dont need to be an IT Specialist

our ICT services 

Professional website

The website comes with Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms as needed by the customer.


It is evident that professional businesses need to use a professional email. It helps to get to your website and your business


Online Platform Training

These are trsinings that builds your capacity to use the website on your own. You do not need to be a trained ICT specialist to do it

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