Tiibatsirane offers services to existing entities that want to better their services. We strive to maake quality our of the products and services you are already offering 

What we offer


Online Presence

We offer the your business the chance to increase your sales through online markketing. we design a tailor made website to suit your needs. with that comes a professfional email, twitter and facebook accounts. 

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Organisation change management

Every business should transistion bearing in mind the technological complications. We help you to restructure your business and help to remove inefficiencies in the company. We help to make sure that the organisations benefits from its resources of time and money

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Research, Monitoring and Evaluations

We assist NGOs with the objective view of project management. We conduct Research,  monitoring and evaluation, Policy reviews, Policy briefs and many more for the NGO sector. This is to make sure that your projects needs are met. We will offer you a good price.

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Capacity Building

Tibatsirane Builds the ccapaacity of your staff in many areas as proposal development, Customer care, Bussiness Ettiquette, Word of Mouth marketing and many other added services 

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Strategic plan development

With the support of your business,  we developa strategic plan that suits your bussiness, your customers and other stakeholders. We recognise that ffailing to prepare is pareparing to fail. The success of your company depends on how well you plan

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Deevelopment of IEC Materials

In rrecent years, many sales and retuurn bussiness has been attributed to Information, Education and Communications materials (IEC). The are materials that carry the brand and information of the company or organisation. We develop these materials to suit your needs

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We provide business solutions to both NGO and business communities, local and international. Come and be part of the changing world

Noel Kumwenda, Director @ Tibatsirane

Tibatsirane has helped my organisation get as much attention both in Congo and internationally. That is why I recommend tibatsirane

Odilon Mwaba, Executive Director @ CAEC 

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