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Our Story

Hundreds of graduates are graduating from colleges and universties africa wide. These qualified men and women go into our job market. the companies that are available are not able to employ all these graduates. It came to our notice that the problem can only be solved with creation of these jobs for the continent of africa. 

The only solution to tackle this is the development of strong businesses who are able to employ people. This starts as far as incubating a business idea until the business grows and is able to employ people. We do this through trainings and coaching to the people who have these business ideas.  We heelp tthe person to develop the idea and also to help through the business plan development for easy access to loans that can finance the business. 

Our long term plan is to find partners who can finance the business ideas and organise pitch nights for people who are interested to invest in the idea to have the concept of the business and how the money will be made. 

The other sector that employs people is the NGO sector. we also provide services to this sector to maake sure they grow stronger each day. We provide services like Strategic plan development, website development, Monitoring and evaluation of the project  and research which would lead to publications of policy briefs, Policy reviews, research reports and many other publications.

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Contributing to Africa's growth through a thriving SME sector

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Our Mission

Mission Statement

We strive to extend a helping hand through provision of easily and timely business services to our clientele while professionally meeting the various business and individual needs of our stakeholders

Our Vision

To become the most successful company in building SME businesses of our clientele through excellent consultancy services in Africa and beyond

Our Values


Customer focuss

On time service delivery

Quality at Heart


Noel Kumwenda



Noel has over 10 years experience  working in both Commercial and NGO sector . He has worked in Kenya, Malawi, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe.

Odilon Mwaba

Logistics Manager


Odilon has 5 years experience working with NGO, Mining and commercial sectors. He has worked in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Sierra Leone and the DRC.

Makaiko Daire

Operations Manager


Maka has over three years experience working with the government of Malawi on strategic management as a manager. He is the head of strategic planning at TBS.