There is always a time for every business to grow, expand move forward and take its place on the market. With each sale and deal you make there is always a new learning experience and new work experience that the business gains. While the experience cannot be seen, it can be told to every visitor. It is not easy if you are on your own to tell every visitor who is a potential customer of what you are capable of doing and what you have so far done.

That is the only reason big businesses have an upper hand over small ones. Tibatsirane Business solutions have broken that challenge by providing a website to clients. Whether you are a chicken seller, a small holder farmer, a car importer, an internet café, a restaurant and many other small business you can imagine, you need customers who are wondering if such a service you are offering is available in that locality. The bottom line is you need a website

The following are 21 reasons why you need a website

  1. Online Brochure

Companies spend millions creating brochures and distributing them. Having a website makes you save all that money and you can just create the brochure and post it on the website. This will save you a great deal of money.

2. More Customers

More than 2.4 billion people have access and more than 90% of those have bought something or contacted a company to buy something that they saw on the website.

3. Business Value

The perceived value of your organization or business is low if you don’t  have the website. In the NGO sector, a website means you are able to intermingle with your community and you can easily communicate field activities. Getting a loan for your business will be easier if you have a website because it adds value to the business.

4. Influence

A website gives you the chance to package your goods in a way that will be inviting to customers. NGO use this influence for advocacy purposes.

5. Professionalism

A website show how serious and professional you are with your business. It also makes you proud that you can show off your products and services with millions of people world-wide and you are able to connect to them.

6. Helps refine your business goals

When you are writing the content of your business for the website, it helps you to reflect on your goals. Some goals were drafted a long time and making them public helps to refine and reshape them into reality thereby achieving efficiency.

7. Lowers Barriers to entry

Entering the business and being above the competition is very difficult. However, today you can do that if you have a website. A good website will market your organisation and help people to rethink of trying your products. If they had a regular supplier, they can try your products and you can beat that competition.

You can also sell online defeating the verbal competition and the prestige of those leading that are leading the business.

8. 24/7  Presence

A website will be running 24 hours every day and this means you are available to your customers even when you are asleep or sick. Your customers can still reach you and get your business a sale.

9. Communication with customers

Through the news feeds or blog on your website, you can communicate with customers and that keeps your relationship with your customers to flourish for the better 

10. Marketing

The internet has created a new technique for marketing your products that did not exist before. You can sell your products to many people across the world without geographical boundaries. 

11. Customer support

A website can provide customer support through a contact form, a chatroom and an FAQ site. These can provide the customers with answers to questions they might have on the business.

12. Professional Email

When you get a professional email, it is easy for your customers to remember. Much as you have your these types of emails doesn’t resonate with customers and makes some big cash transaction with you questionable. 

13. Press Releases

You can use your website to run cheap press releases that will reach many customers online. It is an easy way to connect with your customers  

14. Website recognises your contribution

When you are working and you are on a website, people will always recognise your contribution and that will make you a professional even if you quit working for your organisation.

15. Any job will make money

Even the hobbies and jobs you think will not do anything in your community, they are cash cows. The website connects your business to people who really need those hobbies and interests and before you know it, your are making money and in business.

16. Connect with fellow businesses

A website is a platform where you can connect with businesses within your chain. An Example, if you are a ground nuts producer, you can easily connect to peanut butter manufacturers etc

17. It gives you a voice

As a company or a business, the website gives you a voice to speak out of some happenings in the country. The website will professionally lay that message to people. 

18. Be your Own Boss

The website the will make you manage your business properly and you can not be swayed by some people who think they can close it. With a website even if the close your shop you can still sell. 

19. Website helps you gets big deals

With a website people recognises the professionalism and with that big customers are able to give you big projects and big deals.

20. Business Credibility

A website will give the business credibility to make good sales without having doubts about your abilities as a business.

21. Vault of information.

A website will keep information for your products. You can refer to what the business has been posting and also get a quick survey of how happy customers are. This gives a good impression of your business.

At this time you need to be considering having a website. Contact us

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