Business Startup

You have a great Idea that will change the lives of many people. We provide coaching, mentoring until the idea is doable

Existing Entities

We work with Exisiting businesses to support them in a wide range of services

ICT Supports

We support NGOs, and businesses to position themselves in the market through web development. It comes with a wide range of services. Read more

Research Monitoring and Evaluations

Having Worked with NGOs for a long time, Tibatsirane has expertise in Research, Monitoring and evaluations. It has alot of services ranging from data collection to report writing.

Investment Advice

We offer advice on the best form of business to invest in for your money to grow. We extend our helping hand to see your money grow


More Graduates, No Jobs

The Universities are doing a great job of training students who are very qualified but ends up in the streets with no jobs to get.

More Business Ideas, No Implementation

Many young people from college want to  make sure they start a bussiness and lead an independent life. However these ideas are not incubated and nevers sees the light of day. This makes africa continue to langguish in poverty

Effort Vs Impact

Many non governmental organisations work with a clear uunderstanding of effort and impact. inefficiencies and lack of proper communication and lack of research and Monitoring and evaluations make them fail on the scale of Effort vs Impact

Education Vs Experience

Many young people get graduate from University and have no hands on experience. Tibatsirane Offers training that will equip your staff new and existing to be up for the challenge in the work industry. This is true for both Businesses and non profits organisation. Tibatsirane is there to make you education level the demand for your work starting from coaching, and staff training

Technology: Opportunity or Threat

Technology is growing everyday and  is a threat to some people and an opporttunity to others. This is both for new businesses and established businesses. Tibatsirane offers services that will help the business to take technology as an opporttunity for growth

Non Compliance

Tpo Realise Greatest value, the business has to be registered. Government support compliance is necessary for both fundraising and growth of the business

What We Do


Revive your business into a viable and money making one as we give you your growth management servces. Pricing and market analys and more. Click Here .


For start ups we will provide enough services starting from drafting the business plan, strategy, Market analysis and monty more. Click Here



We offer investment advice depending on profitability of the business. We also offer saving advice as you want to save capital for investment.  Click here


We provide technical expertise for non governmental organisations to conduct monitoring and evaluations. We also have a team of researchers. Click here


We provide Online presence for businesses both new and existing to make sure they achieve high levels of professionalism and  gain sales maximisation   Click here


Dedicated Staff

Our staff is dedicated to work on your project.

Timely Deliverly

We deliver on time

Focus on Quality

With our motto of extending a helping hand, we provide good quality services to make the SMEs to stand up for bigger challenges. You can trust us

We Listen

We listen   to your problems and see the strengths and build the organisation from the strenght to make impacts .

Inclusive Service

We dont work alone, we try as much as possible to empower the organisation to embrace the change we are making


Multi Country Experience

With the presence in many countries, we have learn many good things which we are willing to share with your organisation